What is a Mercurity Account?
A Mercurity Account is a token wallet that has been verified by the Mercurity to enable cash deposits and withdrawals. The wallet owner or its customers can deposit cash funds to the account using bank wire transfers.
What is a Digital Fiat Currency?
A digital fiat currency is the digital representation of a world currency. The Mercurity will be issuing a series of digital fiat currencies representing a host of national currencies across the world.
What fees do the Mercurity charge?
Mercurity charges no fees for deposits and withdrawals.
What are the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts?
The minimum amount for deposit and withdrawal is $100 USD.
Where are my funds held?
Mercurity has partnered with Prime Trust to securely hold cash deposits in a trust account on behalf of the users.
When will you be accepting other world currencies?
Very soon!
How do I withdraw USD from a Mercurity account?
Customers using an Individual Mercurity Account can withdraw funds through our web application. Withdrawing funds will initiate a wire transfer to the user’s bank account.
Can I send USD between Mercurity accounts?
We will be launching the ability to transfer funds between Mercurity accounts soon.
Does Mercurity support only Ethereum wallets?
No! We will be launching support for EOS wallets as well as other protocols. Sign up for an individual or institutional account to let us know which protocols you would like to see next!