Our innovative technical framework enables users and companies to transform any token wallet into a Mercurity verified account, seamlessly enabling the deposit and withdrawal of cash funds.

Mercurity works with financial institutions, governments, and tech companies to tokenize and exchange world currencies through blockchain technology.

Fund Management

A global network of fund management nodes consisting of multiple third-party trust companies. Mercurity works with Trust Company to secure USD deposits.

Easy Implementation

A set of streamlined, customizable ecommerce-style widgets enable easy deposit and withdrawal of customer funds for exchanges and other institutions.

Identity Verification

A blockchain-driven AML/KYC framework supported by global regulators. We work with Identity Mind to validate user information before they can deposit or withdraw funds and obtain USDX.

Digital Fiat

Series of digital fiat currencies enable the fast conversion and exchange of world currencies. Our first product is USDX.

Transparent Reporting

Audit Company conducts a 3rd party attestation on a monthly basis, ensuring user funds are securely held in trust and USDX.

Convert any token wallet
into a Mercurity account.

Where Transparency and Efficiency Meet

Existing stable coins are either designed for efficiency, like Tether - a centralized solution - or for targeting a totally decentralized, transparent solution such as Dai. Situated on opposite ends of the spectrum, neither is capable of addressing the need for both transparency and efficiency. Here is how Mercurity addresses transparency and efficiency at the same time.

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A fund management system you can trust

Mercurity does not handle funds directly. Instead, multiple trust companies around the world interact with Mercurity on an API level to issue and redeem tokens.

Real time APIs to prove 1:1 parity

Trust companies use real time APIs for proof-of-funds while Mercurity utilizes real time API for proof-of-token. Both of these values are displayed to our users in real time.

Third-party examinations

We value the importance of openness and transparency. A third-party auditing firm will conduct an examination on a monthly basis, giving our users total peace of mind.


Multiple nodes worldwide for AML and deposition of funds

To improve the efficiency of legal clearance and flow of funds, Mercurity has established a worldwide network of AML checkpoints and fund-depositing pipelines. Per customer region, Mercurity can auto-switch between these nodes for the most efficient choice.

Off-the-shelf widgets for issue and redeem

Mercurity offer a set of streamlined, customizable ecommerce-style widgets for issue and redeem of tokens. The widgets can be embeded into your webpages or apps in minutes.

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